Flooring – BKF Interiors

The right flooring can add the perfect accent to your home, whether you choose carpeting, vinyl planks and/or tiles or ceramic tiles.

At BKF we can help you find the look that is right for you. So talk to our team and let us unleash your decorative flair.


Modern carpets come in an enormous range of colours and styles – whether you’re after synthetic carpets, wool carpets or blended. When choosing a colour you should consider the size of the room, and how much use the room gets so you choose a colour that suits.

Vinyl Planks

Luxurious vinyl plank flooring recreates the look of true timber while being durable and long lasting. Vinyl planks are also comfortable to walk on, quiet and easy to install.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl floor tiles add a touch of sophistication and are perfect for living areas. They can be used in every area of the home, and are even ideal for outdoor living and entertaining areas.

Ceramic tiles for floors and walls

Ceramic tiles give a classic look to any room, or outdoor living area. They are durable and affordable and come in a wide range of styles and colours.